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Norabellas is proud to offer ds labs to our clients. As expert ds labs specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Whittier, CA area. Our decision to offer ds labs to our valued customers is part of this commitment.

Spectral.DNC-S delivers effectiveness with a better feel. Spectral.DNC-S delivers later-stage hair-recovery effectiveness for both men and women, while maintaining a pleasant texture and a healthy environment for the scalp, unlike formulas with generic minoxidil, which leaves a greasy, sticky residue, and can be irritating for many.
Spectral.DNC-S is a completely new innovation for the treatment of thinning hair. After several years of exhaustive research , DS Laboratories has discovered several compounds from natural sources which mimic and exceed the activity of pharmaceutical treatments but with greatly reduced side effects. These compounds are deployed in a unique cosmetic formulation. It is our most potent and advanced formulation to date and provides an entirely new mechanism of action.
Furthermore, this formulation utilizes powerful ingredients in two separate chambers that enables the use of materials thatg are otherwise not compatible and also a higher concentration of ingredients then a single formulation could hold.



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