Permanent Makeup - Services

Eyeliner top and bottom - 450.00 (2 hrs)

Soft and natural or more dramatic look.

Post care

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Pre Care

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Eyeshadow - 250.00

Add some brightness to your eyes with a beautiful eyeshadow, we recommend doing it following the eyeliner..

Feathering Eyebrow - 450.00 (1 1/2 hrs)

Feathering Eyebrow, or 3D Eyebrow this technique creates very fine lines that look like real hair and to give your eyebrows a soft, natural and defined look. Immediately after the treatment, the color will appear darker. It will get softer and more natural after healing. Read More...

Gallery (Lips) - 350.00


Eyebrows - $450.00 (1 1/2 hrs)

Creating beautiful permanent eyebrows that define your face and "lift" the eyes. Read More...

Gallery (Eyebrows)


Eyeliner (upper or lower) - $250.00 (1 1/2 hrs)

Permanent eyeliner is perfect for a woman who is allergic to traditional make-up, are contact lens wearers, are vision impaired or just need to stop the time and expense of traditional eyeliner. Read More...

Full lip color - 350.00 (1/12 hrs)

Color applied that allows you to go anywere and feel dress, if you want to change your color just apply lipstick- you'll find it last all day Read More...

Lip liner - 250.00 (1 1/2 hrs)

Color that defines lips, corrects asymetrical (uneven) lips, or can create the illusion of fuller lips. Read More...

Dramatic Eyeliner - 300.00 (2 hrs)

Can be a three procedure process depending on thikness.

Beauty Marks - 45.00

Cover a scar or a freckle. They are back in style!!

Aerola - 400.00 (3 hrs)

This a very personal procedure.After breast reconstruction, cosmetic surgery or simply a desire to make changes that make you feel beter about your body. call for a consultation.

Lash Enhancement - 250.00 (1 hrs)

Color applied in the lashline to make lashes appear fuller. upper only.

Corrective and camouflage procedures

Improve appearance and self of steam with out surgery. Read More...

Touch ups or other people's work - 300.00 (1 1/2 hrs)

Price accordingly.


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